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    Re: adding minutes (2003)

    If your minutes are to be added to a cell that already contains a time, and your minutes are entered as a time you simply add the cells:


    If the minutes are entered as a number, and the other cell has a time, devide your minutes by 60 and by 24:


    Format your cell as time to see the proper time.
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    adding minutes (2003)

    We are doing a time study to collect how much time is spent on a given task. Is there a formula for adding minutes - 30 min, 1 hour 50 min, 4 hours 15 min? I think what I am trying to do is to add up the minutes to come up with a total number of minutes, not time, hope that is makes sense.

    for example I work on one project for 30 minutes one day and 1 hours and 15 minutes the next day what formula can I use to calculate the correct amount of time that it took to complete the task over the two day period.

    hope that this makes it clearer as far as what I am attempting to do thanks a bunch

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    Re: adding minutes (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    If you enter the indidual times as times, i.e. 0:30, 1:50, 4:15 etc. in (say) A1:A10, you can add them and display the sum as minutes as follows:
    - In the cell where you want the total, enter the formula =SUM(A1:A10)
    - With the cell still selected, select Format | Cells...
    - If necessary, activate the Number tab.
    - Select Custom in the list of Categories on the left.
    - In the Type box, enter the custom format <!t>[m]<!/t>
    - Click OK.
    The square brackets tell Excel that a number of minutes over 59 is allowed.

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