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    gain access to old xp install on same drive (xp pro / xp home)

    I was trying to fix a win xp home system with a trashed install. I tried various things and eventually gave up and just installed a new copy of xp (pro this time) on the same partition, under a diff directory (WINDOWS.NEW)
    I need to get some files off the old install but I am getting 'access denied' when I try to get into certain directories.

    Any ideas what I can do? I used ophcrack before and it worked a treat but I am not sure if I can use it in this situation.


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    Re: gain access to old xp install on same drive (xp pro / xp home)

    Assuming that you are logged in to an account with Administrator privileges, you need to Seize Ownership of the files and folders that you can't access.

    To do this:
    <UL><LI>Run Windows Explorer
    <LI>Right click on the folder you want to access and select Properties...
    <LI>Go to the the Security Tab
    <LI>Click Advanced
    <LI>Go to the Owner tab of the advanced security settings dialog box
    <LI>Select your username
    <LI>Check the box marked "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects"
    <LI>Click OK and wait for it to finish (this could take a long time if there are many files)[/list]StuartR

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