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    Table of Contents problem (2003)

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with the TOC for a document I am working with. I didn't create the document, someone else did, so I am not sure what they have done.
    The TOC will not update the text for the major headings with the correct case text. Every time I update the TOC by right clicking in the TOC and selecting Update Field, the TOC updateds the text correctly, but it will not update the highest level heading in the TOC to the correct font case.
    I have attached a copy of the file, which might help explain the issue. You will note that even though the high level headings are in UPPER case in the body of the document, when I update the TOC by selecting Update Field, only the first higher level field updates in UPPER case. I have to do the rest manually.
    Anyone have any idea where the problem is?
    Thanks all for any help.

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    Re: Table of Contents problem (2003)

    The Heading 1 style has ALL CAPS set. This obscures the case of the actual text. The TOC 1 style does not have ALL CAPS set, so you see what actually was typed.

    If you edit the TOC 1 style to have ALL CAPS like Heading 1, then you won't have to go through and manually capitalize the headings.

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