I have a "Standard.dot" template containing about 75 standard paragraph styles, which I attach to all my documents with the "automatically update styles in document" option via a macro. I created the template on my old computer (Win XP, Word 2000) and have used it on thousands of documents over several years, but when I use it on my new computer (Win Vista, Word 2003), one of the styles has numbering activated. I have checked the template, and the style is correct there. I am working around this by adding a line to the macro that applies the template, to switch off the numbering on the style concerned after the styles are updated, but I would prefer to fix the problem. What could be causing this?

Sub ApplyStandardTemplate()
With ActiveDocument
.UpdateStylesOnOpen = True
.AttachedTemplate = _
End With
With ActiveDocument
.UpdateStylesOnOpen = False
.AttachedTemplate = ""
End With
* ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 2").LinkToListTemplate ListTemplate:= _
End Sub

* This line is the added work-around.