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    Scientific notation (2002/XP)

    I have a column in a table (text data type), containing serial numbers, the original data was imported from several .csv files (created in excel and saved as .csv format). This is old data, when they create serial number in excel now, they now to add an apostrophe at the begining of the string. What I need to do is be able to identify the records in this table where the serial number column is in scientic notation. This way they can go back to the original excel file, get the correct serial number and correct it and import it again. Is there a function that returns a boolean if a value is in scientific notation? If not, any suggestions on the best approach? I pasted what I'm doing currently below, just want to know if there's a better approach.

    WHERE IsNumeric(tblProducts.SerialNmbr)
    AND Instr(tblProducts.SerialNmbr,"E+");

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    Re: Scientific notation (2002/XP)

    Your approach looks fine to me. You might also use
    WHERE tblProducts.SerialNumber Like "*E+*"</code>

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