I have an Access Project .adp that populates a form from a stored proc on the server based upon some parameters on the form.
The form uses the input parameters property to send the correct parameters to the proc.
This is working with Access 2000 (No other choice).
It works just fine.
The query works on the server, and also in the adp perfectly well.
HOWEVER, when the adp is converted to an ade the same form triggers error 2757, which is an generic error message caused when access struggles to communicate with the server I believe.

Has anyone encountered this, and is there a solution?
I read somewhere that a possible solution is to write the form with NO BOUND fields and then use the PROC to return data and populate. I assume this may be some form of timeout issue, but it works fine in the adp.
Is this a bug or a feature, or can anyone throw light on it.