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    Unwanted global format changes (Word 2003 SP3)

    About 20% of the time when creating a new document, format changes become global. CTRL-U places underlines throughout the document ... the same with other format controls.

    I have determined that Word does this in a two step process -- the selected word or phrase gets underlined as it should, but that immediately is followed by the global underlining (or other format change). CTRL-Z undoes the unwanted global format changes in the document and things proceed as normal until the next formatting change ... and it happens again.

    I have no idea what triggers this ... Can I fix it?



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    Re: Unwanted global format changes (Word 2003 SP3)

    This means that the style you use (for example Normal, the default style) has been set to update automatically when you apply direct formatting.

    To correct this:
    - Select Format | Styles and Formatting...
    - In the task pane that appears, right-click the style in the box at the top.
    - Select Modify... from the popup menu.
    - Clear the "Automatically update" check box.
    - Click OK.

    You may have to repeat this for other styles if they exhibit the same behavior.

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