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    Form Management (Access 2007)

    This should be simple (and probably is), but is eluding me. I have a master popup & modal form ("frmSwitchBoard") which has a command button to open a second popup & modal form ("frmSupport_S_tblManagementCos"). This second form has a print preview button. In order to give the print preview window user access, I set the visible property on the two forms to False. So far so good. In the report's OnClose Property I reset the two form's visible property back to visible and give the focus to the second form. Both forms are displayed with the second form correctly on top of the first. However, I'm unable to click on any control on the second form as though something else has the focus. Of course with each form's modal property set to true I am also unable to click on anything else.

    Both frmCurrent and frmCurrent2 were set to their respective forms on the report's OnOpen event.

    Private Sub Report_Close()
    On Error Resume Next
    If IsLoaded("frmSwitchBoard") Then 'IsLoaded is a global function
    frmCurrent.Visible = True
    End If

    If IsLoaded("frmSupport_S_tblManagementCos") Then
    frmCurrent2.Visible = True
    End If
    End Sub

    Appreciate any thoughts or insights as to what needs to be done in order to make the second form accessible once again.


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    Re: Form Management (Access 2007)

    You could make the report popup and modal too; that way you wouldn't have to hide and unhide the forms.
    Another possibility is to hide frmSwitchboard when you open frmSupport_S_tblManagementCos and to show it again when the latter is closed. The report wouldn't have to unhide frmSwitchboard.

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