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    Multiple Headers (2003)

    I have an 8-page letter that I need to have 2 different headers. The first needs to be located on page 1 only, and the second only on pages 2-5. There should be no headers on pages 6-8. I have tried every way I know how, but just can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Multiple Headers (2003)

    You'll need to have "sections" in your document, and you can probably get away with just two of them. Headers and footers are a feature of sections of documents, not documents as a whole.

    You can set your first section to have a "different first page" by using Page Setup on the file menu, then going to the layout tab of the dialog box. You can then create different headers for the first page and for the rest of section 1.

    You'll need a section break before page 6. Instead of just using a hard page break insert a section break, by choosing Break... from the Insert menu, and go for the "next page" type of section break. Word will probably set the second section to be like the first section , but you can change that. If you open the headers and footers toolbar (View - Header and Footer) you need to first unselect the button for "same as previous". You will need to do that for both the first page of the new section and for any one subequent page. And while your insertion point is in the second section, you can use the Page Layout dialog again and choose to have or not have different first page, different odd and even pages, different margins and so on for just that section.

    I could give more detail, but I'm not sure how familiar you are with some of this stuff. Come and ask for more if you want it.

    Also you might like to try for more about how sections work.


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    Re: Multiple Headers (2003)

    Hi Jeff,

    Here's a slightly different approach:
    1. Choose File|Page Setup|Layout "different first page"
    2. Access the header for page 2 and enter a field coded as: {IF{PAGE}< 6 "Header text for pages 2-5"}

    Note: The field brace pairs (ie '{ }') for the above example are created via Ctrl-F9 - you can't simply type them or copy & paste them from this message.

    Paul Edstein
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