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Thread: Dual processors

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    Dual processors

    I have the opportunity to get a used computer with dual PIII-500 processors. My understanding is that Win 98 will not use both. Does Windows 2000? If so, what are the advantages / disadvantages of running dual processors? Does this require special application software as well? Mostly I run MS apps and can become very frustrated by the tendency of some of them to grab the processor during online operations when the computer really seems to be waiting for a download to finish.

    Thanks for any thoughts / suggestions.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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    Re: Dual processors

    Following found at <A target="_blank" HREF=> Q256070 </A>

    Some of the Windows 2000 features not supported by Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows 98 Second Edition include:
    The NTFS file system
    <font color=red>
    Multiple processors--Windows 2000 Professional supports dual processors (Microsoft Windows 2000 Server supports four processors)
    </font color=red>

    Security--you can apply file permissions at the file and/or folder level

    Built-in policies--you can use these for system configuration and security
    The Windows File Protection feature--this prevents designated system files from being over written by programs

    Driver signing--Microsoft tests and digitally signs other software manufacturers' driver files to make sure they do not cause issues.

    Enhanced power management and Plug and Play capabilities for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) computers

    Fewer reboots--fewer reboots are required after you make system changes such as changing your computer's IP address

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    Re: Dual processors

    I have been running a dual P III 600 system at home for about 18 months now with Win 2000 and have had absolutely no problems with it. In comparison with my computer at work, the dual processor configuration seems to speed up things, especially printing which seems to grap the CPU for itself. Also I run Seti@Home continuously with no apparent degradation of other programs.

    I have experimented with assigning specific programs to specific processors using the Set Affinity option on the right click menu of the Processes list in the Windows Task Manager window that pops up when you press Alt-Ctrl_Del (it's interesting that the box for this has check boxes for up to 32 processors) but haven't found any major difference in performance. Remember however that this will still be a 500MHz computer so single thread applications will still run at that speed and disk IO is independant of the number of CPUs.

    My advice to you would be that if the price is right then go for it.


    Kevin Bell

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    Re: Dual processors

    W2K Prof supports two CPU's out of the box. Server Supports 4, Advanced Sever 8, and Data Centre 32.

    W2K will automatically detect and use the second CPU.

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