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    Start a specific program

    This is a second attempt at the same question. I have several programs that must run under dos, without windows loading and others that require windows to run. I have an automated batch file for all my bosses and co-workers to allow them to run the correct program in the correct enviroment. so if they pick a display program which is windows based, I not only want to load windows, but also load the specific program they selected. The Startup is no good, it would load to many programs, and I know you can specify a program, because I have done it but forgot exactly how it did it... you put the link to it after you put in the win example win exor should start windows and run the message display program called Exor
    or win rslogix would run windows and then auto load rslogix program .... etc, I hope this explains what I
    am attempting to do, If I ever figure it out again on my own, I will come back and post it myself <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>
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    Re: Start a specific program

    Provided it is Windows 9x you're using, find a file called Windows.ini in the Windows Directory and open it in Notepad. The first section is [Windows] and there should be a line :
    run= or

    Type in the pathname of the file(s) you wish to Run or Load, Save it & reboot. If there's a path already in the line, leave a single space before you put yours.

    If you need to do a something in DOS, carry out a similar procedure in Autoexec.bat. You may replace LoadHigh by LH (recommended place to Load your files)


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