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    how to I attach excel macro code to an excel button?

    the code is in my workbook.

    Ive created a new toolbar.

    In Word i goto the menu Tools, Customise, Macros - a list of code displays. I drag and drop the code onto my button by design.

    In Excel this isnt available or do-able.

    Can I have code in an excelbook or does the code need to be embedded in an excel template?

    any ideas?

    many thanks


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    You can have code in a workbook (and in a template, and in an add-in)/

    In Excel, assigning a macro to a button works as follows:
    - Select Tools | Customize...
    - Activate the Commands tab.
    - Select Macros in the list of categories on the left.
    - Drag the Custom Button (with the smiley face) from the right hand side to a toolbar and drop it there.
    - Right-click the new button on the toolbar.
    - Select Assign Macro from the popup menu.

    Warning: unlike in Word, toolbar customization is global, it's not limited to a workbook or template.

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