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    In previous versions of MS Word, I could mark my chapter headings with the styles heading1, heading2 and so on. Word automatically generated the chapter numbers (1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1,....).

    In Word 2007, this doesn't seem to work. At least, I don't understand how it works :-). Here is an example:

    1. Heading1 - 1
    1.1 Heading2 - 1.1
    2.1 Heading2 - 1.2
    1.1.1 Heading3 - 1.2.1
    2.1.1 Heading3 - 1.2.2
    2. Heading1 - 2
    3.1 Heading2 - 2.1
    4.1 Heading2 - 2.2
    3.1.1 Heading3 - 2.2.1
    5.1 Heading2 - 2.3

    I've also attached a word document containing the same lines.

    The first numbers on each line is what word generates. The text shows the style I've applied to the line. The last numbers shows what I expect the chapter numbers to be. I don't even see a pattern in the mess that Word generates... :-)

    What should I do to get this right?

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    In W2007, multilevel/outline numbered list headings are setup through the multilevel list icon instead of through modify style. After you choose either define new multilevel list or define new list style, the dialogs will look familiar.

    I fixed the numbering by clicking the built-in numbering scheme 1 Heading 1, 1.1 Heading 2, ..., while my cursor was in the first heading 1.

    When I first opened your document, the current style was 1, a, i, which may indicate that someone manually built the list. If so, you may have gotten the restart-after wrong or mixed up the include levels. This is all too easy to do, but avoidable. Because Word's list schemes are correct right out of the box, it's best to first pick a numbering scheme that is closest to what you want. If you do have to "customize" the list, then, when you go back into the multilevel list dialog to define a new multilevel list, you'll presented with a list setup the is 80 to 90 percent correct.

    Pam Caswell

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