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    What's this about Paid Subscriptions? Will you charge us for using the Lounge or what? Not that I'm a cheap skate and leave the Lounge because of charges, but this is the first time I've even heard it mentioned.

    It seems I have a lot to learn about the new forum, I see things I never saw before and can't find things I used to be able to go right too. Oh Well ! Such is life.

    Thanks for clearing this small matter up for me.

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    No, the Lounge has always been free and it will remain free in the future.

    "Paid subscriptions" is a feature that the new software offers, but we are *not* planning to use it.

    We all have to get used to the new interface, because it is very different from the old one. But we'll learn our way around over time.

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    [quote name='Duchess843' post='761565' date='25-Feb-09 13:04'][/quote]


    I tried to click on the paid subscriptions link yesterday and donate to the lounge and that funtion is not (yet) active. I don't know whether subscriptions and/or donations are being planned for the future, but for now, they're still not taking our money.

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    Well, here's my 2cents.....

    I'd be more than happy to pay a subsciption fee, on one condition! Hans will need to type a little faster! [askitterbugofevilgrins].

    On a serious note:

    I'm not internet savvy enough to know how this type of resource covers it's costs, there must be cost's? and they must somehow be covered??

    I am aware that all of the admins, mods etc are volunteers, and without them the lounge would not be the great place that it is!

    I would be more than happy to contribute to an annual christmas box for those who provide so much of there valuable time to this community. I'm sure that a donation type setup could be introduced?

    Obviously we could not donete too much, else they will all end up sunning themselves in Phuket, then what'll we all do?

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