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    Adobe have released what it calls a critical update to its Flash player and recommends all users update to the latest version. For details see

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    Just some additions to Tony's post.

    Remember that different browsers may need separate downloaded copies of the Player. To check what version you have installed, one way online via the browser is: Adobe Flash Player (though there is a link for that in the bulletin).

    It is of course possible to uninstall the ActiveX control for IE and the Fx plugin via Add or Remove Programs, but one can also use (and Adobe recommend) their "Flash Player uninstaller".

    It is a small program that uninstalls ALL Flash Players currently installed (no matter if ActiveX version or Firefox, Safari or Opera plugin; or if it's the MSFT distributed version that came with the OS (Win XP included a Flash Player ActiveX control for IE), all are uninstalled).

    Adobe recommends that one should always use the latest uninstaller; they usually update it around the same time they release a new set of player controls and plugins. It can be found here: How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

    Just remember to close all programs using the player before you try to uninstall it.

    (For troubleshooting Flash Player installation for Windows, even though it is a very simple and straightforward install, see: Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player installation for Windows.)

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    When you update your Flash Players, use Secunia PSI to verify the removal of older, obsolete versions. And go to the Flash Player Settings Manager page at Adobe's site and reset the privacy settings.
    -- Bob Primak --

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