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    When my friend's computer starts up it immediately begins with Configuring an update and it then reboots. However, it then repeats the Congifuration step and reboots. Obviously it either does not successfully complete the update or it doesn't set a flag indicating completion as it continues to try over and over again.
    I tried going to Safe Mode, but that didn't help. At one point I did notice a "BIOS Rom Checksum Error" message and perhaps that's part of the problem. I subsequently thouht that perhaps I should have tried booting from a Restor CD (if they have one -- I forgot to ask). At any rate, I need some way to get the darn thing booted without it going into the Configuration routine.

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    [quote name='Chuck Tucker' post='761909' date='26-Feb-09 12:26'][/quote]

    If they have a Microsoft Vista installation DVD it is the recovery DVD. You can repair or do a clean install with it. If is an OEM PC the vendor may have supplied a recovery DVD/CD. Often now there is just a recovery partition and a routine is supplied to build a recovery DVD/CD which many people never do.

    If there is a BIOS ROM error that is serious and should be resolved first. How old is the PC? Is it still under warranty?


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