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    I did my homework and found this :

    Here's a slightly different approach:
    1. Choose File|Page Setup|Layout "different first page"
    2. Access the header for page 2 and enter a field coded as: {IF{PAGE}< 6 "Header text for pages 2-5"}

    Note: The field brace pairs (ie '{ }') for the above example are created via Ctrl-F9 - you can't simply type them or copy & paste them from this message.

    Looks straightforward enough but I am confused by step 2.

    I navigated to page 2 and choose View/ Header but I have no idea where I am entering this code


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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    Go to page 2.
    Select View | Header and Footer.
    You're now in the page header.
    If you want to enter the text in the the page footer, click the Header or Footer button on the toolbar to switch to the footer.
    If you want to enter the text in the center, press the Tab key once, and if you want it on the right hand side, press Tab twice.
    Now press Ctrl+F9 to enter a pair of field braces { }.
    The insertion point will be between the braces.
    Type the word IF followed by a space.
    Press Ctrl+F9 again to insert another pair of field braces { }.
    Type the word PAGE
    Use the mouse or the right arrow key to place the insertion point after the first closing brace } but before the last one.
    Type the text

    < 6 "Header text for pages 2-5"

    exactly as shown, including the quotes.
    Press F9 to hide the field codes.

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