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    Win Ex. and Cookies

    Hi All, Quick question...went to Win. Explorer (Win ME/Sony Vaio laptop) and saw lots of files under 'temp.internet files' and each of those had tons of cookies...can I delete cookies from Windows Explorer? if not, why? Is there just one way? I am fustrated because I am having defrag hangup probs. Going now to delete applog - from (with) Win Ex. - and then to ctrl-alt-delte to close all but systray and me does not say 'close' in ctrl-alt-delete says either 'end task' or shut down...going to try now...appreciate any help!

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    Re: Win Ex. and Cookies

    To clear your cache in IE, click Tools - Internet Options - under temporary internet files click delete files. That will clear everything but the cookies. If you click Settings under temporary internet files - then View Files, you will see those cookies and can delete from there. Be careful not to delete ones you need for access to certain financial etc. sites. I use Cookie Wall available free from to delete unwanted cookies and keep those I need. There are other equally good cookie managers also.

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    Re: Win Ex. and Cookies

    Sorry it took so long to thank-you. Got the flu and my hubby was teasing that I ought to "report it" to my Dr....I am obviously married to "Mr. Sensitivity".
    I found Cookie Wall and I like it very much...problem solved. Also, another expert I ran into on the Net somewhere, did an editorial - "....while you should regularly clean out those temporary files, don't worry about the cookies. They don't take up as much room as everybody seems to think and they don't bother anything. I simply block those that are irritating and leave the rest alone." I don't know whether I can adopt his attitude completely, but I have 'relaxed' when it comes to cookies.
    Thanks again....

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