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    When I add a new record I want a subform to automatically add each of it's active units. A new record is a new date. The subform is based on a table of units. If the units are active I want all of the active units to automatically be created in the subform.
    So tomorrow when I create the 3/1/2009 date I want the sfrm to automatically show 2-North, 3-North, ICU etc. Each of these units are a new record on the datasheet.

    How do I do that?

    Thank you. Fay

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    [quote name='Fay Yocum' post='762539' date='01-Mar-2009 01:26'][/quote]
    I'd disallow the users to create a new record in the main form by setting the AllowAdditions property to No.

    I'd create a separate unbound form in which the user can enter some data for a new record.
    Place a command button on the form whose On Click event procedure adds a new record to the table behind the main form and saves it, then adds records to the table behind the subform; this can probably be done by running an SQL statement with INSERT INTO.

    If you would like more help, please provide detailed information and/or attach a stripped down and zipped database.

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