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    This post is in regard to Excel 2000 (9.0.6926 SP-3) running under XP Pro SP2 fully patched.

    I've encountered this often. Tonight I decided to ask.

    I decide to close an Excel window. The 'undo' arrow is grey. I select Edit and the only option is "Repeat Close."

    What changes is Excel wanting to save? Do I remember being told that there is a 'feature' that stores all changes in one place? Does this mean that if I make a change in one workbook, the program cannot tell which workbook it was made in and I must accept saving 'changes' in all sheets as I close them? Somehow I think not. I just managed to close one workbook. Is it perhaps that it is the case that one must be on the worksheet in a workbook where a change was made to see the 'undo' arrow?

    This always leaves me uncomfortable when I've had 5-10 workbooks open and have been making copies of worksheets and saving them in other workbooks. There is always the chance that I made an unwanted change. Likewise there is the chance that I corrected an error and did not immediately save the file.

    In today's work, I was using Excel as a mini-database. All I did was enter data, sometimes resort it once it was entered, and format things like borders. font size, etc.

    In the end, it came down to two workbooks that I had to 'save' to close even though there were not undo's to undo.


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    This will be due to volatile functions. A volatile function is one whose value cannot be assumed to be the same from one moment to the next, even if none of its arguments (if it takes any) has changed. When you open Excel it will re-calculate any volatile functions, and even if the result does not change it will be recorded as if the workbook has been updated, so it asks if you want to save the changes.

    Most Excel functions are not volatile, so wll not be recalculated when you open the workbook. If the workbook does not contain any volatile functions, if you just open the workbook you will not be asked to save changes when you close it.

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