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    Hi, hope you are well?

    I have a client. As seen in the attachments:
    The owner has a Children’s Nursery on one side of the road (north property) and on the other her House (south property). There is a Server Standard 2003 unit inside the nursery acting as a DCHP and DNS server. Internet and network traffic is transported by a Netgear DG 834 router and a standard 24 port switch (non-intelligent). There is a Cisco Microwave device on the upper external face of each property (ringed in blue). On the inside of the house, there is a Netgear DG834 router which radiates a wireless signal. The DG834 router in the nursery also radiates a wireless signal. Everything works in the house, and everything works in the nursery. Until……

    Any laptop, or wireless device is taken from the house, into the Nursey, and back again. Then although the laptop shows its connected to the wireless router, it never regains internet access. The only way that internet access can be regained, is to power off all Cisco microwaves, and the router inside the house, leave it 10 minutes and power them on in sequence.

    Example: You will need the Diagrams printed off for this.
    I had 2 laptops in the house with internet access connected to Springlands2. I took 1 across to the nursery. I joined the closer router, Springlands1 and still gained internet. I then came back to the house and re-joined Springlads2. The transported laptop had no Internet, but the other (which hadn’t moved) still did. I checked IP, DNS, DCHP all to no avail. Resetting all the equipment regained it.

    Things to consider:
    1. The Springlands2 router does not lose signal until you reach the doorstep of the Nursery across the road.
    in other words, the signals of Springlands2 and 1 overlap.
    2. Bothe Springlands2 and 1 have the same WEP key
    3. The router signals overlap in the path of the Microwave signals
    4. The Microwave transmitters look like they do not point exactly at one another. They are close, but not
    right at each other.

    Pictures: Shown as attachments

    Larger Red Ring indicates Nursey, Smaller being house
    External Microwaves as follows:
    House Nursery
    Internal connections:
    House inside with Wireless Router (not a WAP specifically)
    Nursey Inside connectivity from back of Microwave
    LAN Cable from connection above
    Full Network Layout Diagram

    Any Help would be vastly appreciated.
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    When I first read your post I thought you were referring to interference from a microwave oven! But I didn't know that Cisco made those.

    Leaving aside the question of whether you're actually allowed to use microwave transmissions in the domestic environment, my first question would be whether your two wireless routers are using the same channel?

    Since the whole network is on the '16' subnet, my second question is whether you have more than one router acting as the DHCP server?

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