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    Hello, I am new and this is my first post.

    I create PPT at least once a month and have an average knowledge of the program. I am using Office 2003.

    I normally insert video clips via Insert – Movies and Sounds – Movie from File. However, I have come across a movie file that will not play - it actually locks up the presentation. The movie file is .wmv and is 6,081 kb in size. I was able to get the movie to play by going through “More Controls” on the control tool bar, selecting Window Media Player, and having the actual player on the slide with a direct link to the video file. The issue I have with that route is that though I resized the video screen within the slide (I made it larger) the movie image is still very small.

    How do I enlarge the video screen within the player?

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    Hi There

    I hope you have already found a solution to your problem, if not does this MS article help at all?

    Insert and size movies


    Asking the questions everbody wants the answers too but feels too stupid to ask themselves :-)

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