I'm trying to import the file properties information, (File, Properties, Statistics (tab)) modified: and last saved by: into a cell within a spreadsheet. What I'm doing is linking a workbook to several other workbooks, but only specific cells. I'd like to report within the master workbook when the information was last updated and by who (i.e. the modified, and last saved by information). Each time one of the linked workbooks are updated this information would then appear on the master workbook. Any ideas on how this can be accomplished?
I realize I can cut and paste this information, but that only works manually (at least that's the only way I could accomplish it). I tried to create a macro to snag the information each time the workbook was saved/closed however I can't get the macro to reference the modified: or last saved by: information in the statistics tab.
If there is another way to get this information I'm game to try that as well.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.