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    I've just put the final strokes on my set of 18 presentations and was preparing to burn them to a CD.

    I've been asked to save all my presentations as .pps files before sending them off and that worked fine last week.

    This week I added a few revisions and also took out the macros. To make sure macros don't display the Macro security warning on others computers when they open my presentation, I removed the modules and userforms from the .pps files. I left them in my .ppt files.

    From my perspective this is the only difference between the ppt and the pps versions of the files. The ppts work fine, but the .pps files are causing intermittent crashes of powerpoint.

    Has anyone else seen similar behavior with .pps files? Was it wrong to delete the modules and userforms? I don't know how else to get the Macro warning to go away (on someone else's computer that has their security set to "high").

    Thanks in advance...

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    Removing modules and userforms shouldn't cause a problem. Does it make a difference if you do it as follows:
    - In Windows Explorer, create a copy of a .ppt file.
    - Open the copy in PowerPoint.
    - Remove the modules and userforms.
    - Save the .ppt file.
    - Use Save As to save it as a .pps too.

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