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    Why is Restart Numbering grayed out?

    On a number of occasion in the document I am authoring, onw that began using Word's Manual template (but with several styles modified), more and more often I am finding that when I apply styles that have numbering (as opposed to applying numbering to Body paragraphs), if the numbering messes up and I try to go to the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, the Restart Numbering and Continue Previous List radio buttons are grayed out--with the Restart Numbering as the one selected. Yet the numbers don't start at 1 (or a). And I have having extreme difficulty gettin ghtme to do so. I finally hit a point where I simply could not do it. I need this feature to work, and it is not.

    I am using Word2K on a Win2K machine.

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    Re: Why is Restart Numbering grayed out?

    Record a macro of you visiting the numbering dialog and defining an outline level list with styles attached to at least the first three levels and making the list restart.

    Now instead of using the style (which you can do as well, if the numbers need to continue) you can run the macro to control the list gallery and apply the style and restart the list all in one action.
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