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    Changing the field length in a form (Access 97 SR2)

    I have an SQL table that is used by many databases, with a view for each database to create the illusion that each has it's own table.
    This setup generally works fine, however, there are standard field set ups which cannot be changed. I am left with a Memo field which i'd like to restrict to 150 characters.
    I'm looking for a way of doing this either in the SQL view or the form view within the database.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Changing the field length in a form (Access 97 SR2)

    If you want to restrict it to 150 characters, why use a memo field? A text field is automatically restricted to whatever length you specify, up to the maximum 255. If you must use a memo field for whatever reason, you can use the Change event of the control on the form to test the length of the control's text property and simply truncate anything over 150.

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