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    I suppose you could call this post just a reminder of an old problem since I searched this forum and found Post 567324 from 2006.

    The first thing I check on my computer each day is my overnight backups to make sure they ran OK and this morning I see that they ran at 2 am rather than the scheduled 1 am - which is BEFORE the automatic DST update I have XP set for! The Shadow Protect log has the correct time of 1 am. In checking around I see that all my backups (I have six weeks on two external drives) have had their file timestamps changed to one hour AFTER the fact. Same thing on about 20 photos that I took yesterday morning. I'm not going to spend any more time looking, but XP has probably changed the timestamp on all the files on the drive. (Can that really be?)

    Now none of this is critical to me and I'll just live with it, but just in case someone DOES have a "mission critical" situation, that's my story and I don't know the answer...

    Edited to add: Oh, I forgot to say that XP has evidently changed the timestamps on ALL drives, including my Vista drive which was idle last night (Vista not running). I don't have enough recollection about the files on that drive to recognize if they've been changed, BUT I did notice that the clock in Vista was adjusted forward by TWO hours instead of one - I don't know what caused that!

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    This "bug" has been around since the beginning of NTFS, as a Google for something like ntfs daylight saving time bug will show.

    It has been 'discovered' twice a year, ever since... (not sure what a 'wub' is...!) Oh dear!

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