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    A while back, I believe I posted on how to “Customize the Size of Restored Windows” in IE. I received feedback stating that I should bring the cursor to the edge of any restored window until it becomes an arrow and, holding down control + alt, bring the window to the desired size and position. Future restored windows would similarly appear in that size.

    However, I have been trying that trick for some time now, and I would say that it only works maybe 1 in every five times. I generally do it using the left ctrl + alt keys and by making the cursor become a diagonal arrow by bringing it to any corner of a restored IE window. Of the generally few occasions where I get any effect, it is usually only a partial effect. For example, if I reduce the size of a window such that the left edge is moved into the right, the left edge of a future restored window would likely stand at an intermediate position between the original restored window and the modified window that represents where I really want the edge to be.

    Am I doing something wrong?



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    [quote name='jmt356' post='764300' date='09-Mar-2009 02:53'][/quote]

    By restored do you mean an existing window that has been minimized or a new window to an old site? One thing to remember is that the window size changes for IE are not going to be saved until you exit all IE windows. The size that gets saved is that of the last window closed.


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