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    Only two Loungers have triggered such an email, but those two are two of whom I am fond and deeply respect.

    I am puzzled.
    What's the value in a "Friends" list?

    I don't want to upset/annoy anyone (any more than I regularly do), but I also don't want to get into a facebook/twitter mode, whatever that is.

    (signed) "Ignorant" of Toronto.

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    [quote name='chrisgreaves' post='764324' date='09-Mar-2009 06:59']What's the value in a "Friends" list?[/quote]
    Other than "psychological" the only thing is that when you want to send a "friend" a PM, the list of YOUR friends list is right besides the name box in your Personal Messenger. Keep in mind that that list is people whom YOU have added to your friends list. It is not necessarily mutual friends which is another topic.

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