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    Dear Listers,

    At some point, RealPlayer decided that it was critical to my PC's existence and started trying to load itself every fifteen minutes or so. Whenever I see it popup, I close it back down.

    I have looked for it in "startup" folders and found one instance:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Real

    Is this the culprit?

    I also looked in the registry and found zillions of instances, but without knowing for sure what to delete or change, I didn't want to mess with it.

    I don't want to uninstall RealPlayer, just to have it sit still on the disk and stop trying to load itself.



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    The instance of Real Player in your startup folder should only be executed (surprise, surprise!) when you start up the PC/log on.

    It's always worth downloading, installing, updating and running Malwarebytes AntiMalware (blue icon to left-hand side).

    You may wish to consider Real Alternative which some people (including myself) have found to be a less-frustrating alternative to Real Player. It doesn't do everything that Real Player does, but that might be enough for you.

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    [quote name='dhfifield' post='764431' date='09-Mar-2009 19:39']<snip>

    Dear Lister,
    Take a look at this post (and thread). If there is no setting inside the program, such as your RP, that deals with Windows start up behaviour, then if the program (or part of the program that runs at start up) is not mission critical, zap it with Autoruns, i.e. uncheck the box in the appropriate run entry. Autoruns will move it out of the key and save a “back up” if you would like to put the check back. At uninstall time, later when uninstalling the program, it can be good to put the check back (i.e. move the registry entry back to where it was) before running the uninstall program, so that it will be removed by the uninstaller.

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    My notes from November 2005 indicate that the following 3 Preference changes (within RealPlayer) were what it took to solve the problem at that time. (I haven't updated in a while.)

    Go to Tools-->Preferences-->Automatic Services and adjust the following 3 settings:

    1. Under Automatic Services-->AutoUpdate, the "Automatically download and install important updates" box should be unchecked.

    2. Under Automatic Services-->AutoUpdate-->Configure Notifications, make sure Software Updates is 0.

    3. Under Automatic Services-->Message Center-->Configure Message Center, the "Check for new messages" box should be unchecked.

    Again, these are notes from November 2005. YMMV. HTH.

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