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    I notice something odd, which is the following:

    When I have a few Word documents open, minimize one of them, and then click within an open Word document, my cursor doesn't appear. It's as if minimizing one of the other Word documents had taken the blinking cursor with it, essentially hijacking it. This is annoying b/c a) there's no logical reason for it, imo I have have reopen the minimzed Word document, and click within it to get the cursor back.

    It's only after I maximize the minimized document that I can click within the other open/enlarged Word document and get a blinking cursor to continue my editing. Anyone else encountered this?

    Seems weird that Word can't recognize my clicking within an opened Word document just because I minimzed one I had previously been working within.

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    I have never encountered this. What version of Word are you using? I am now on a Word 2007 machine and it appears to work as expected for me.

    What happens if you click and drag in the document with no visible cursor? Is anything visibly selected? Does the cursor reappear?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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