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    I am assembling a web app (.net, VS2008, should be cross-browser ) - it's looking rather good, but I want to implement a big piece of coolness.

    1. Search for your person or business, in the preliminary results page click on the row you want and click "Details" to spawn a modeless dialog (think "always on top", not modal).
    2. User, because the window of detail results is on top, can do more searches based on the preliminary findings. They can always refer to the first search results because that window is always on top.

    So far so good...

    Now! -- when the user drills down on the second search and clicks the details button, the data on the previous details search "disappears" from the modeless dialog (actually it's back one in the history stack). The big coolness here would be to load the next detail finding in the window using a new tab.

    I am currently using window.showModelessDialog to get the always on top function and basic look-and-feel of a dialog/info box. I understand JQuery may be better at any rate for this but while I'm at it wanted to check to see if anyone has tried or knows about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_skelton13' post='764686 View Post
    ...should be cross-browser... I am currently using window.showModelessDialog ...
    That might turn out to be a problem for Firefox, but you could try setting the "dependent" attribute in (see

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