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    I thought there was a thread way back about how to clean up/reset the number gallery (a couple of people have been playing with outline numbered styles so much that when they exchange documents they get something like - but no quite - the numbering style in the template - ie weird indenting, right justified etc) - but I can't find it.

    I want to take them back to a clean start and hopefully then when they open the document they will have the correct definition of the style. Can this be done without reinstalling Word?

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    [quote name='Judith_Kiwi08' post='764704' date='10-Mar-2009 22:29'][/quote]
    There's a code sample in the Word VBA help for the Reset method of the ListGallery object. The following macro is based on that:
    Sub ResetListGalleries()
      Dim lg As ListGallery
      Dim i As Integer
      For Each lg In ListGalleries
    	For i = 1 To 7
    	  lg.Reset i
    	Next i
      Next lg
    End Sub

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