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    I am having problems saving macros and then sending them to a colleague. I have just tried saving the workbook as a template (.xlsm)
    but when I look through the macros in the vb editor, I can only see one macro (under module1).
    There are entries for each of the sheets in the workbook under 'Microsoft Excel Objects' with lots of the following:

    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()

    End Sub

    with no code in the functions. Under Module1 there is one macro/function that seemed to be copied into the xlsm file, but that's it (there were far more than this in the original). When I load the file it says something about missing links and if I choose to update them, then it shows me a list of three excel files (one of which is .xslb (?) )

    Can anyone explain to me how to create macros (using the 'record macro' button), then save them into one (single) excel file and then send that file to someone else. They should be able to use the macros without having to do anything.


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    I suspect that you recorded macros in your personal macro workbook.
    If you activate the Visual Basic Editor, do you see Personal.xlsb in the project explorer on the left hand side?
    If so, expand it and look at the items under Modules. Do you find the missing macros there?

    BTW, I'd delete all those empty event procedures Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() etc.

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