#1. Does anyone know of an Add-in (existing or Planned) that will enable streaming video to a remote PC via the Web ?

#2. In terms of Music streaming, Twonky shows double the number of albums and tracks in 'Artist' view in the 'Artist' pane. I followed the instructions I found on Twonky web site. I made sure I had Windows streaming turned off, and I rebuilt the Twonky database using the utility in WHS. BTW - The number of tracks that show in the Album pane is correct.

#3. Also in terms of the Music view, the tracks don't show in the same order as they do on the CD, and the order of the tracks changes based on which pane is active.

#4. It bugs me that there is no security on sharing photos. Everything else on the page requires userid and password - photo viewing should also. Any idea if Twonky or HP is planning on fixing that ?

Any help is much appreciated.