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    This is only for those who are happy testing beta software. Mozilla have just released Firefox 3.1 Beta 3, this beta release is the latest step towards the next major Firefox release which will be Firefox 3.5
    If you install this you may find some of your current add-ons no longer work.

    There has been a quite a bit of work done to the underlying code, such as improvements to the JavaScript engine and the Gecko layout engine (used to display pages) which are aimed at improving performance and stability. The main new feature is a private browsing mode.

    Before installing see the Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Release Notes and known issues.

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    You're not aware of it fixing a problem that I have new in 3.0.7, when I first start up Firefox it immediately want to bookmark my home page - which just happens to be about:blank...?

    Or (as often seems to happen) is it "just me"?!

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    [quote name='BATcher' post='765664' date='16-Mar-2009 19:22'][/quote]
    It's probably not "just you" for misery loves company, but it doesn't happen to me in Firefox 3.0.7 (I do also have about:blank as home page).

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