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    I have a form used to enter parameters for a query that flow through to a report. The parameters for this form/query/report are based on years. I want to build a similar form/query/report for months. I copied the original form/query/and report and changed the name to "Monthly Statement". I updated the code on the form to refer to the new report, and the criteria in the query to reference the monthly form. When I use the original form it accepts my data but also prompts for the month data, and the monthly one keeps prompting for the annual data. Any suggestions for trouble-shooting this? I've managed to break my originals, and my monthly ones don't work either!

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    It looks like either the forms refer to the wrong query or the queries refer to the wrong form or both - check everything carefully.

    If you can't find the cause, you could create a stripped down, compacted and zipped copy of the database and attach it here (make sure to remove or alter sensitive data).

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