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    Over the years, when I use pictures in documents (Word, PowerPoint, Email etc.); I always first crop them followed by re-sizing to 'normal' dimensions (which gives me more and more gain now that digital camaras grow to 8Mpixel and more). Then I reduce the color palette from 16M colors to 256 colors. The trick for this last step is to create the 256-color palette from the colors in the original picture. If one does that, the final picture is almost identical to the original but much, much smaller (the last step give an extra factor 3: 16M is3 bytes, 256 is one byte) . If you now, copy and paste-special the picture, the result always looks great and professional but can be up to 30 times (!) smaller sometimes than the "switch-my-brains-off-and-copy-and-paste-what-I-see" option.

    For the palette reduction I always use PaintShopPro. A friend of mine doesn't have that program and needs to optimize a document with 20-25 pictures that is now 92Mb (!) [picture compression does not help...].

    Question: is there a freeware tool out there that takes a TIF (or BMP) [JPG won't work as these have 16M colors by definition] and reduces to 256 colors using the optimized palette?

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    [quote name='ErikJan' post='765220' date='13-Mar-2009 07:37'][/quote]

    Check out the popular, Irfanview. Don't forget to check out the plugins too.


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