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    If anyone can help that would be great

    I recently cleaned up files from my wife's computer and deleted pictures that she put onto her recycle bin by accident, that I should have known. Is there a way to revover these ? Please help, I am in big trouble. :-(

    Thank you,


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    [quote name='bellabambinix3' post='765448' date='15-Mar-2009 00:45']<snip>
    Is there a way to revover these ?
    Welcome to the Lounge.

    Check this thread, and take a look at PC Inspector File Recovery.

    Do not do anything on that PC or account until you try to recover the files, since it is recently, PC Inspector File Recovery and other such software should have a great probability of recovering most (if deleted from the recycle bin the usual way).

    Another simple program (that I have not tried myself) is Recuva - File Recovery from Piriform (behind products such as CCleaner).

    For simple things such as files emptied from the Recycle bin, Recuva should work. Take a look also about possibility to run from an USB memory.

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    As I understand it, your wife leaves it to you to do the cleanup on her computer, she stored valuable files on her hard drive without backups, she deleted those files by accident, and you're now "in big trouble" because you "should have known."

    I wish you luck in your recovery efforts, and you can tell your wife there's at least one guy who hangs out at Woody's who thinks she's a lucky gal.

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