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    I've checked with Microsoft on this and they have no answer, and I'm not talking tech support I'm talking about coders in the bowels of the company: I would find the Document List in the Start Menu in XP a lot more useful if what Windows XP recognizes as a document could be adjusted. As it is, it includes all sorts of flotsam - jpgs, pdfs, avis, lots of other stuff - when all I really want it to list is Word documents, so I can quickly find them. The way it's currently set up, flip through a couple dozen jpgs and everything else is wiped off the list.

    The guys at Microsoft say this has never come up before and they don't have a clue how XP could be modified so that it only recognized a document as a document. Anyone here smarter than Microsoft? Thanks very much.

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    Hi Obvious1,

    Welcome to Woody's lounge.

    I cannot say for sure if this option can be adjusted. I don't think that it is intended to be a "filter" specific feature. As the name of the feature suggests; Its "Recent" documents. (In thinking about it now ...maybe it is supposed to be called "Recent Files".)

    If you do want quick access to Word specific files, the best way is to have a shortcut of Word on your desktop which you would double click on. Once Word is open, use the File Menu to view (and open) the file listed in the recent list of documents. This will only contain Word files.

    PS: The recent list can be adjusted in the Tools | Options command in Word to display a varying amount of recent files.

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    [quote name='Obvious1' post='765546' date='16-Mar-2009 01:08'][/quote]

    I've found the following two utilities (in no particular order):

    Review: Recent Documents 2002
    2Fd5ba30040a010408000e046e279715fa[%]ActualDoc recent documents manager - Flexigensoft

    I don't use any of these so I can't recommend any of them.


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