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    Greetings, all!
    Several of my users have noticed that when working with tabs in Draft View, their alignment doesn't look the same when they switch to Print Layout view.

    If I've attached the files correctly, you should see sample pictures of what I'm describing:
    Print Layout View
    Draft View

    I probably should have captured the screens to include the ruler... we don't have specific tab stops set...just going with the default .5; this explains the barely visible tab after Larry's name in Print Layout. Does the Draft view ignore tab stop settings?

    My users swear that it wasn't like this in our old environment [Word 2000], but of course I can recreate there...
    Can you help me explain this difference?
    Is there a way to make the views display the same thing?

    My thanks for everyone's help ~
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    Draft view isn't intended for WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editing. Apparently the display is just a fraction of an inch off (which is forgiveable for draft view) and this causes the tab after Bananna to shift to the next tab stop.
    It would be best *not* to use the standard tab stops but to set them explicitly on the ruler (preferably in the style definition); this will avoid the need for havig two tab characters in a row, and make the chance of a tab getting bumped to the next position much smaller.

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