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    I have an XP (SP2) machine that seems to have had an Outlook setting made that I can't locate. When attempting to open up Outlook for a new user on the machine it always wants to link it to a previous (i.e.: no longer here) network admin's email account, located under the machines Administrator account (Local Settings\Applications\...etc). I've gone so far as to completely uninstall Office, as well as every last vestige I could find of it in Documents and Settings, Windows, and emptying the Recycle bin. Upon reinstall, the same behavior persists. The only way around this problem I've found so far is to right-click the main Outlook icon & bring up Properties, Show Profiles, and delete the one that is always there. This needs to be done under every user's login before setting up Outlook. I feel like it's something set in the registry, but I can't find it.

    Here's the relevant system info:

    Network: Server 2003
    Mail Server: Exchange 2003
    ver. of Outlook: both 2003 and 2007
    Patches: most current

    This is on a spare machine, currently intended to swap into place of any user's machine that has serious enough problems that it needs long-term attention; it could potentially become someone's permanent pc. If anyone has some brilliant insight as to what is going on, and where else I can try looking, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Wouldn't it be easier to do a clean install of Windows, then of Office and other software?

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    [quote name='Panther' post='765704' date='16-Mar-2009 15:38']Outlook ... always wants to link it to a previous (i.e.: no longer here) network admin's email account[/quote]
    Did you try killing any old profiles under Control Panel | Mail | Show Profiles, and also under the Email setting tab in the same dialog, View or change existing email accounts | Next | Remove any that are no longer applicable?
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