Has anyone a source/reference for the complete set of Wordbasic.AppInfo$ values?
I'm currently making use of [651..654], which appear to be printer-related, but am wondering what else is in there that I might use.
(Seconds later
Duh! While I was typing that I realized that I must have got the original info from somewhere, and since it didn't show up on the web, it must be in a book.
"Hackers Guide to Word for Windows", second edition, page135 and on. Woody Leonhard.

Thanks, Woody![pre]Public Function strAppInfo() As String
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
''' Function: strAppInfo
''' Comments: Returns a character string representing all available machine characteritics.
''' Arguments: None
''' Returns: STRING
''' Date Developer Action
''' --------------------------------------------------------------------------
''' 2008/11/22 Chris Greaves Created
Dim lng As Long
Dim strResult As String
' Return all valid entries from the app info string
For lng = 651 To 654
On Error Resume Next
strResult = strResult + WordBasic.[AppInfo$](lng)
Next lng
strAppInfo = strResult
'Sub TESTstrAppInfo()
' MsgBox strAppInfo
'End Sub
End Function[/pre]