Hello again, sooner than I hoped! It seems that in my quest to update all of the programs, etc. on my nephew's computer (yes, that is still an issue even though he took it home Friday!) he is still having the original problem.

I told a friend of mine that I thought it had something to do with DirectX and he explained that DirectX version 10 (which I tried to update to) is for Vista; the last version XP uses is version 9. Unfortunately, he was unable to tell me how to undo what I did.

Josh's computer kept crashing while watching uTube videos, etc. (things I don't generally do) and once I heard about the DirectX situation, I called him and asked him to do a System Restore back to the day I installed Version 10. I noticed at the time that the version still showed up as 9 even though the files for 10 seemed to install. Stupid of me not to follow up on that.

System Restore was not the right answer. The system now only boots to the main screen where you hit delete to enter the BIOS.

What have I done? (This time . . .)
Dare I ask for HELP???

Thanks in advance.