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    I am trying to create a passthrough query via code, and am getting an error with the connection string.

    Sub SQLPassThru()
    	Dim dbs As Database, qdf As QueryDef
    	Dim strConnect As String, rst As Recordset
    	Dim strSQL As String
    	Set dbs = CurrentDb
    	strConnect = "Driver={Oracle ODBC Driver};" & _
    		   "Dbq=Database.WORLD;" & _
    		   "Uid=<My ID>;" & _
    		   "Pwd=<My PW>;"
    	Set qdf = dbs.CreateQueryDef("PassThru Name")
    	qdf.Connect = strConnect
    When it hits the last line, I get error 3305 : Invalid connection string in pass-through query.

    What a I missing?
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    A suggestion - create a File or System ODBC Connection using the Data Sources ODBC tool, and then look at the Connection String it creates. I suspect there are some missing parameters. Is there an issue with using a fixed connection rather than using a DNS-less connection? Another tool you might find useful for this sort of thing is MZ-Tools - it has a utility that will build a connection string for you. Unfortunately I don't work with Oracle, so I can't be much help with the details.

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