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    I'm trying to help the editor of our in-house magazine with a little problem. The editor uses Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 to lay out the pages of her monthly magazine. I am one of many people who write articles for the magazine, and all the writers use MS-Word 2003.

    Let's say the editor has a fresh Pagemaker sheet open on her screen. She clicks File and chooses a command I can't recall at the moment. A small box appears on the screen. Now she finds the Word document she wants to place on the page and clicks OK or something, and the Word document fills that little box and becomes part of the Pagemaker file (.PMD).

    Here's the problem: Some Word documents (mine included) refuse to load into Pagemaker. We're wondering what it is about my document that prevents its loading into PMD. (She can copy and paste the document into the PMD, but that takes a little longer.) I build my documents typically with the Normal template, but I use the Body Text style with a 12-pt space after each paragraph. I also used Word's built-in Heading 3 style for sub-headings, and I used Title style for the main heading. I also include a header with author and word-count fields.

    We used Ctrl+Q to remove the formatting, but that didn't help. We removed the header, but that also made no difference. We haven't tried changing the filename extension to .RTF, but it seems just about all the articles that come in are in .DOC. So...any suggestions? I don't have any macros in my documents. (Well, none that I've built. Our IT crew force-fed something called ApproveIt!, which has placed a number of macros in the Normal template. But that's true for all our writers, so I can't see the macros would have anything to do with it.

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    I don't have Pagemaker loaded so these are just guesses.
    1. Are you sure the document is saved in doc format and not docx? I note you say you are using Word 2003 but have the problem files been edited in Word 2007?
    2. Are you placing any odd formatting in the document that could be clashing with the import filter? eg. text boxes, graphics, frames
    3. Are you saving the doc as an rtf or just changing the file extension.
    4. Have you tried to place a file saved as text only?
    5. Is your editor using a PC or a Mac when working in Pagemaker?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    I believe that PageMaker 7 is only able to import documents in MS-Word 2000 or prior format. I used to have no problem with Word 2000 documents, but when I upgraded to Word 2007, I had no luck, even with documents saved from Word 2007 in Word 97-2003 format.

    There are two alternatives that I have identified: first to save in Word 6.0/95 format (you get a warning each time you save - a bit of a nuisance - but should be no problem). The second approach is to save as RTF format, which I think is imported with no problems.

    Make sure you have the Microsoft Word 97 Import Filter 1.4 (January 1998), This can be downloaded from here.

    I do think it is disappointing that Adobe are so unresponsive in not providing a Word 2007 filter - can't be a huge task. But clearly they hope you'll upgrade to InDesign, even thought they still sell PageMaker - for $499!

    Hope that helps.


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