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    Hello everyone,

    I am creating a report in which to show all training for all employees for the current year. I have managed to create the report using the Wizard. The only thing missing, is a group footer in which I will see the total number of hours a given employee has spent in training. I know I have to add a sum in the footer but I don't know how to add the footer (need I add that I am a user of Access and not a programmer? ;-)).

    Can anyone help?


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    Open the report in design view.
    Select View | Sorting and Grouping.
    If the report is already grouped by employee, you'll see the employee field in this window with a "grouping" symbol to the left of it. Click in this field, then set Group Footer to Yes in the lower half of the window.
    If the report hasn't been grouped yet, add the employee field to the Sorting and Grouping window by selecting the field name from the dropdown list in the first empty row. Then set Group Footer to Yes.
    This will make the group footer section appear in the report. You can create a text box in this section with Control Source


    where TrainingHours is the name of the relevant field.

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