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    I have a spreadsheet where in one column are completed dates - I would like to summarize the data on the sheet. Specifically how many things were completed during a certain week. Is it possible to do a count based on a date range?

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    If you want to group the dates by week:

    You could add another column that uses the WEEKNUMBER function available in the Analysis ToolPak add-in to calculate the week number of the dates. You can then create a pivot table based on the data, with the week number in the row area and also in the data area, with Count as smmary function.

    If you want to count the number of dates that fall within one specific week:

    Let's say you enter the start date of the week in E1 and the end date in E2, and that the completed dates are in A2:A100. The following formula will return the number of dates in A2:A100 that are between the dates in E1 and E2 (inclusive):


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