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    Continuous forms with subforms (Access 2000 / SP2)

    I know you can't use a subform control on a continuous form but I really want to!!
    It's easy to create a report where you can show order details by order number as you scroll down the page but I would like to put a series of subforms on a form - each corresponding to the next order number and showing the details for that order (as in Orders/Order Details in the Northwind database)
    This way you can modify information in each order at the order details level which you can't do in a report.
    Is there some way to do this?
    I've thought of setting the recordsource of each in series of subforms in code but this must be and SQL statement and although TOP 1 works for the first subform there isn't any such thing as SECOND TOP 1
    or is there?
    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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    Re: Continuous forms with subforms (Access 2000 / SP2)

    Stop for a moment and think about why this can't be done. Even though you're displaying multiple records, you really only have one set of controls and that's in use by the current record. If you used a bound subform, that subform would be bound to the current record, so the same subform would be visible for all records. That's the reason that adding a subform forces your parent form into single form mode.

    You can *display* something along these lines using a Hierarchical FlexGrid in Access 2000, but the recordset won't be updateable and the SQL to create them can be a headache.

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    Re: Continuous forms with subforms (Access 2000 / SP2)

    I'm not sure I understand totally what you are trying to do, but the closest thing to having a subform within a continuous subform is to use side-by-side subforms sitting on the same master form.

    As for your "second Top 1", you can get this by using Top 1 and a WHERE clause that asks for a value < the other value.
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