This is a digest of two brief, but delightful private conversations with moderators. Reproduced here with both their kind permissions:

  1. Chris, I have deleted your post about the car crash, as a number of loungers contacted lounge admin to complain that it was in poor taste. regards, StuartR
  2. Hi Chris, Your post "Yellow Journalism" has been removed by a moderator. You mentioned "... I can't see how to delete the post, or even the attachment." You can't remove a post once it has been replied to. But you can edit the text, and if you select Full Edit (not Quick Edit), you can click the dropdown arrow in Manage Current Attachments and delete the attachment: Regards, Hans
  3. Thanks. As an aside, how does a user delete a posting? Chris, You can delete your own posts, using the delete button which is at the bottom right by the Edit/Quote/Reply buttons. You cannot delete an entire topic, so if your post is the first one in the topic I don't think you can delete it. StuartR